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Story appeared in: Torch | September 11th, 2018

MOTORISTS illegally using mobile phones in Bankstown, were easy pickings for police last Wednesday during a two-hour compliance operation on Stacey Street.
Police issued 45 infringement notices to motorists for mobile phone, unsecured loads, seat belt and other offences while they sat in traffic between Stanley and McCauley streets between 8.30am and 10.30am.
One driver was caught holding two mobile phones in one hand, while another was checking his social media on a tablet during the Bankstown Highway Patrol crackdown.
Sergeant Andrew Setter said officers on foot and armed with cameras, photographed and issued fines to 35 motorists for illegally using mobile phones. There were also fines issued for two seat belt offences, four for unsecured loads, and two for running red lights.
"Each of the drivers caught on their mobile phones were issued with a $337 fine, and will lose five demerit points - that's half their licence," Sgt Setter said.
"It's just not worth using you mobile phone while driving."
Sgt Setter says the law is clear.
"It's illegal for motorists to hold and use a mobile device while driving, even if it's for navigation purposes," he said.
"Most fines issued during the compliance operation in Bankstown, were to drivers using their devices for navigation purposes."
Sgt Setter said 55 to 60 per cent of serious vehicle accidents in Canterbury Bankstown, were rear-end collisions and he believed many could be attributed to motorist distractions, including the use of mobile phones.
Sgt Setter also warned motorists, especially tradies, to be aware of the difference between restrained and contained loads.
"Items in the back trays of utes and trucks must be tied down securely or netted," he said.

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