Slam beekeeper sting

Beekeeper Roger Hudson has the support of MPs Joe Haylen and Jodi McKay in his battle against increasing fees.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | September 12th, 2018

AMATEUR beekeepers say a plan to sting them with increased fees could have a disastrous effect on biosecurity.
The NSW Government has signalled changes to the fee structure for amateur beekeepers that the Inner West Bee Association believes will deter people from registering hives.
Department of Primary Industry fees are tipped to increase fees from $80 for amateurs, and $100 for commercial operators, to $120.
As a pensioner, Marrickville's Roger Hudson currently pays a $40 annual registration fee. He believes increased fees could potentially expose bees to the dangerous Varroa destructor mite, or other pests and diseases.
Mr Hudson said a decline in the number of registered recreational hive owners could result in a fall in the awareness and reporting of biosecurity risks.
"We want to encourage beekeepers to register so they are also informed of the dangers of disease outbreaks," he said.
State MP for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen, has backed calls from the Inner West Bee Association to abandon fees for amateur beekeepers.
"It may seem like a small thing, but changing hive registration fees may have a monumental impact on the future of our food production in Australia. We can't afford to mess around with it," Ms Haylen said.
Inner West Bee Association's Gavin Smith says amateur beekeepers are the eyes that are keeping Australia's bee population safe from invasion by pests.

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