Sunset walk, candelight vigil to honour dead

Promoting the message the Cumberland is a community that cares, the fifth annual Community Walk for Together For Hope will take place on Thursday from Auburn Central.

Story appeared in: Review | September 10th, 2018

EIGHT people a day die in Australia through suicide.
For the past five years, the Cumberland community has united under the banner 'Together 4 Hope' to create awareness of warning signs for suicide, to train front line workers and to hold a Community Walk during Suicide Prevention Week.
Together 4 Hope project officer Saada Abdikarim says those efforts are having an impact with the Cumberland Local Government Area reporting significantly lower presentations for self harm attempts in 2016 than the state average. 
Describing suicide as a tragedy that can be prevented, she urged people to be aware of signs that someone is struggling or distressed and to help them get in contact with one of the many agencies in the community who will support them through their crisis.
She said anyone experiencing a difficult time themselves or who knows someone they suspect might need help, can contact the Mental Health Access Line on 1800 011 511; talk to their local doctor; or visit a local community centre to talk about their feelings.
"Help is always available," Ms Abdikarim said.
"We are making a difference and reducing self harm and suicides in this area.
"Let's keep the momentum going and let everyone know that Cumberland is a community that cares, and wants to support those who are struggling."
She also called on residents to get behind the fifth Community Walk for Hope this Thursday, September 13, with registration in the Auburn Central Forecourt from 5pm, and the walk commencing at sunset (5.45pm) followed by an opportunity to remember those who have died by suicide by lighting a commemorative candle.

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