Fierce storm lashes area

Hail blanketed lawns and roads - even causing roofs in some homes to collapse.

Story appeared in: Torch | September 11th, 2018

CANTERBURY Bankstown copped the full brunt of a severe storm that hit Sydney on Friday evening, causing flash flooding, transport delays and damage to housing.
In the hour from 5.20pm, 58mm of rain fell in Bankstown, with hail blanketing lawns and roads in some suburbs.
Canterbury and Milperra also received a drenching, with the usual trouble spots of Bexley Road, Ashford Avenue, Henry Lawson Drive and roads around Bankstown Airport inundated. Milperra recorded 45mm of rain within the hour.
The storm caused chaos on the transport system, with train services delayed on the Bankstown and Airport rail lines after lightning strikes damaged equipment at Campsie.
The State Emergency Service received over 100 calls for assistance, mainly for leaking roofs and localised flash flooding.
SES District Emergency Management Officer Graham Tomkinson said most of the damage in Bankstown centred on the Georges Hall area.
"We had calls to about a half a dozen homes with leaking roofs in the Georges Hall area," he said.
"Most of the damage was due to hail blocking gutters."
A Georges Hall resident had the ceiling of his living and dining rooms collapse after hail caused gutters to block.
"It wasn't big hail, but it was heavy and came down quickly," he said.
"The gutters just couldn't cope with the amount of hail that fell in such a short time."
A Canterbury SES spokesperson said 30 volunteers were kept busy attending to ceiling collapses and flood rescues from about 5.30pm on Friday through to Saturday afternoon. The spokesperson said SES officers rescued 10 people from vehicles, including from roads in the Bankstown Airport area near Bunnings Warehouse.

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