Club celebrating 90th

Carnarvon Golf Club president John Honeybrook with Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, and general manager Mitch Nakic.

Story appeared in: Review | September 10th, 2018

CELEBRATIONS to mark the Carnarvon Golf Club's 90th anniversary included a special commemorative dinner.
General Manager Mitch Nakic said that from humble beginnings, the Club had served the recreational needs of the local and extended community.
"It was wonderful to see so much interest from members past and present attend the event which continues to epitomise the shared interest of the founders and all who made it the local community icon it is today," Mr Nakic said.
"In modern times, Carnarvon Golf Club has been a leading organisation in embracing the diversity of the local community and entertainment during the night reflected that diversity with a contingent of lady members performing traditional Korean dances with the Radio Bandits duo singing a lot of Aussie favourites."
He also said that the grounds were a registered bird sanctuary "which contributes to the conservation of a valuable Sydney metropolitan wildlife corridor".
Mr Nakic invited everyone, regardless of whether or not they played golf, to experience "the wonderful atmosphere it took 90 years to create".

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