Drag road calming urged

Concerned about the risks posed by speeders on residential roads, Councillors Lisa Lake and Suman Saha highlight some recent skid marks. Photo: ISABELLA MOORE

Story appeared in: Review | September 10th, 2018

RESIDENTS in Haven Street at Merrylands, could soon see traffic calming chicanes aimed at slowing down drivers installed near the intersection of Blackwood Road.
Councillor Lisa Lake said the street's 50km/h speed limit "doesn't seem to be recognised by motorists who choose to enjoy the length and the straightness of that road to put their foot down".
She said traffic counts done in October last year, showed about 30 vehicles exceeding 70km/h, eight exceeding 80 km/h, two exceeding 90 and one actually doing 107km/h.
"Bear in mind, this is a street that runs straight from the local public school," she said.
"Children walk this street to school and there's no footpaths, so it's a street that really does need some sort of a traffic calming treatment.
During a visit with fellow Crs Michael Zaiter and Suman Saha to the street on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, Cr Lake said they saw long skid marks on the road and also witnessed a near miss after a driver "put their foot down rather hard".
"If we didn't think there was problem by that stage but we certainly did after witnessing that," she said.
Also noting the skid marks, Cr Zaiter said it was clear that "hoons have been going around and doing burnouts in that area".
"Which is a worry because there's residential properties on either side, so I think it really needs to be slowed down."
He added that parents often park on Haven Road to walk their children to the nearby Hilltop Primary School and without footpaths, it meant there were a lot of mums pushing prams on the street.
Residents will be consulted over the plan before it goes back to the council's Traffic Committee for approval.

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