Club adopting dairy cow to help farmer weather crippling drought

Giving it a try for the first time yesterday, were patrons John Ford and Fred Magri, front, with staff members, back from left, Judy Downer, Natalie Medojevic, Florence Gallardo and Shane Scanlon-Keevers.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 8th, 2018

ANSWERING the question of how city dwellers can help farmers through the drought, Club Condell Park has "adopted" a dairy cow from the Country Valley Farm at Picton.
Named Marilyn Monroe because of her stylish demeanour, Club Condell Park CEO Shane Scanlon-Keevers described her with laugh, as "a good looking girl".
She said the idea to get the club involved came after she personally adopted her own cow at the farm earlier this year and milk from Marilyn and her herd-mates at the dairy, will also be used in the club's cafe from next week.
A regular visitor to Picton, Mrs Scanlon-Keevers was intrigued by a news report in May about farmer John Fairley and his campaign asking people to adopt one of his dairy cows as a way of helping him buy feed for them through the drought.
"I went down to have a look and he was a really nice, genuine person and I thought it was something the club could get behind as well," she said.
"Once you go down and have a look at the farm, you realise what they are going through.
"It's so beautiful in Picton but they are really struggling.
"Then I had a milkshake using the milk produced by his dairy and it really was the best milk I've ever tasted. That's when I thought about using it in our cafe."
The club is also collecting donations from members via a barrel in their foyer and will be announcing the details of a charity concert shortly.

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