Club CEO limbers up for fifth City2Surf challenge

A team of runners from Bankstown Sports Club, Joseph Succar, Phoebe Hanna, Mark Condi, Michelle Rowling, Jocelyn Copp and Jason Klippel are set to take part in the City2Surf this Sunday.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 8th, 2018

EVERY year Mark Condi says it will be the last time he runs in the City2Surf.
"I'm saying it again this year; but let's see," the boss of one of Australia's largest clubs said.
Along with a team of staff members, the Bankstown Sports Club CEO has competed in the City2Surf for four years, and each year he vows it will be his last 14km fun run from Hyde Park in Sydney's CBD to Bondi Beach.
"I keep saying I'll walk it next year," Mr Condi said.
"I invariably try to beat my previous time. I'll be doing the same again this year."
Mr Condi ran the City2Surf last year in an hour and 22 minutes, and the year before in an hour and 27 minutes.
"I usually start practising five months out from the run but this year, I haven't had the opportunity.
"It's going to be tough beating last year's time."
Mr Condi will be running with about 20 Bankstown Sports' employees to raise money for Little Wings.
"It's a great charity that's dedicated to helping kids with serious and life threatening illnesses to travel from regional and country areas to have medical treatment in the city," he said.
Mr Condi says the Bankstown Sports team is hoping to raise up to $5,000 for Little Wings this year.
"My favourite part of the run is at about the 12km mark, where you get over the hill and see the finish line ahead," Mr Condi said.
"There's such a great atmosphere at the finish, as well as great relief."
The City2Surf will be held this Sunday, August 12.

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