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St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary student Alanna Lu with her first book, ‘Twisted Dimensions’.

Story appeared in: Review | August 6th, 2018

IT will be another six months before Alanna Lu graduates from primary school, yet she has achieved something many adults won't.
The Year 6 student at St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary Regents Park, has self-published the first book in a five-part fantasy series she wrote two years earlier.
Twisted Dimensions follows the adventures of Stephanie, whose story begins when she moves to a new town and is sucked into a magical realm with her parents.
"She's an outgoing character who faces emotional struggles," Alanna said.
"I usually type on my laptop or write on paper. Whenever ideas come to me, I have to write them down."
Alanna said she began writing in Year 4 and 'rebooted' the story after deleting the first 22-page draft.
After some research, her parents supported her to publish copies of the book through online tool Bookemon. She dedicated the book to her younger brother Joshua, in Year 5, and donated copies to her Year 6 class and assistant principal.
"Initially I thought 'why don't I publish my first novel as an end-of-year project, since this is my last year at St Peter Chanel?' Then my mum said why don't we just publish it now and you can lend it out to people," she said.
"When Twisted Dimensions came to our house in the published form, I read it and thought 'too much dialogue, how will people imagine the characters and everything?'. I decided that from book two and onwardsm it had to be more descriptive."
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