Officers honoured for bravery

Senior Constable Islam Omar (top left) and Senior Sergeant David Chandler (below left) were presented with special commendations by the NSW Governor David Hurley for their quick-thinking action and bravery and (above) the horrific scene they faced at the industrial fire in Fitzpatrick Street, Revesby, in 2016.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 7th, 2018

TWO Revesby police officers have been awarded for their quick-thinking action and bravery at a major industrial fire in Fitzpatrick Street, Revesby, in 2016.
Senior Sergeant David Chandler and Senior Constable Islam Omar have been honoured with Royal Life Saving Society Australia (NSW) Commendation Awards.
With two males severely burnt as a result of an LPB explosion, the police officers administered first-aid to the injured, who had received burns to 60 per cent of their bodies, for over 90 minutes.
After the injured men were stabilised, they worked out a special route to the hospital in peak hour and directed the traffic management centre … to get the men to hospital as soon as possible.
Describing it as "horrific", Snr Sgt Chandler said: "Senior Constable Omar actually saw the smoke first, called for back-up and raced there, and I wasn't far behind him.
"We got the injured men's burns under cold water in showers in the factory across the road and then paramedics arrived and a triage was set up but we had to hold them down and keep them calm while the doctors worked on them.
"The whole time I was working out the best route and escort to get them to hospital.
"Luckily Senior Constable Omar speaks Arabic as one of the injured men spoke Arabic only, and it helped being reassured in his own language."
The Bankstown Campsie Highway Control commander said he was surprised when notified of the commendation.
"You don't think of anything like that at the time but I feel very honoured."
Snr Cnst Omar added: "It was lucky I saw the smoke and was at the scene quickly.
"But we were just doing our jobs, we come across a lot of diverse situations and we didn't expect to be commended but it is nice to be formally recognised."

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