MP apology for MH17 views

Story appeared in: Review | July 23rd, 2018

LIBERAL MP for Hughes, Craig Kelly, has caused a storm of controversy over comments during a television interview just a day after the fourth anniversary of the shooting down of passenger jet MH17 over Ukraine.
The tragedy cost 298 lives, 38 of them Australians including Lidcombe resident Victor Oreshkin.
His loss is still keenly felt by his father Serge who told the Review in May, that his family's wounds were "getting bigger and bigger".
"People say that time heals, but so far it hasn't gone away," he said.
Mr Kelly was widely criticised for suggesting that "slightly" overlooking some of the things Russia "has gotten away with in the past" was a price that might have to be paid for a good relationship between the leaders of the US and Russia going forward.
Commending the "ongoing meticulous work of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said both Australia and the Netherlands continued to hold Russia responsible for its role in the tragedy.
While Mr Kelly has since apologised for any distress his comments caused, he did not respond to the Review's request for a comment.

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