Meccano magic for aged

Master Meccano maker Garth Spurdle shared his passion with some Yagoona aged care residents.

Story appeared in: Torch | July 17th, 2018

STRIPS, plates, angle girders and plenty of nuts and bolts have helped connect master Meccano maker Garth Spurdle to a group of Yagoona aged care residents.
Mr Spurdle visited Bupa Aged Care Bankstown last Thursday with his collection of mechanical masterpieces.
The 74-year-old hobbyist got his first Meccano set in 1950 when he was seven and has been building ever since.
"It keeps you young and your mind occupied," Mr Spurdle said.
"As a kid, I followed instructions but as an adult, I made pieces that weren't in the instructions."
A vivid imagination and meaningful Meccano chats with the aged care residents, are what have kept him going.
"I liked the human aspect of being a part of the NSW Meccano Club," he said.
"It is what has helped me to carry on the hobby as an adult.
"There's a real social aspect to sharing my creations with others."
Mr Spurdle never grew out of Meccano and neither did 95-year-old resident Bill Prigg. In fact they grew into it – to the point where Mr Prigg spent hours evolving his passion into a profession.
"Meccano is what kicked off my interest in mechanics and led me to an apprentice with Jack Brabham's race team at 16 and by 18, I was building engines for his F1 cars," Mr Prigg said.
"If you aren't mechanically minded then Meccano is a good way to get you thinking like a mechanic.
"I can't describe how it feels to see Garth's Meccano creations – it has really brought back some good memories from my childhood."

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