Over 200 at court hearing to voice disapproval over proposed mosque

The crowd gathers in Enterprise Avenue, Padstow, last Thursday for the hearing into the proposed mosque.

Story appeared in: Torch | July 17th, 2018

MORE than 200 people opposing a proposed Padstow mosque, gathered with placards at a NSW Land and Environment Court hearing at Enterprise Avenue last Thursday.
The development application (DA) has attracted thousands of objections from surrounding residents and businesses.
While the DA was under consideration by Canterbury Bankstown Council last year, the proponents of the development, the United Muslim Association (UMA) exercised its appeal rights through 'deemed refusal' in the Land and Environment Court.
The UMA wants to remove restrictions on the number of people attending prayer meetings. The plan is to upgrade the existing prayer hall to a place of public worship, or mosque, as well as expand other facilities.
Many of the crowd waved placards in objection to the development.
Darryl McGarry said the development would congest Enterprise Avenue with vehicles, and impact adversely the surrounding factories and businesses in the cul-de-sac.
"It's appalling. The proposal for a mosque would choke our streets," he said.
Mr McGarry said onsite parking provisions were inadequate.
Nick, who didn't want to give his surname, was there with his wife and two young children.
"The amount of traffic this development will create is really worrying. My children attend the preschool in this street, and I have real concerns for their safety."

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