Discovery of drug lab

Story appeared in: Torch | July 11th, 2018

POLICE have allegedly discovered a clandestine drug laboratory at Beverly Hills, which was being used to extract methamphetamine from fabric soaked in the substance.
As part of the joint agency Operation Sudwala, in January 2018 police allegedly seized 70 litres of methamphetamine and arrested a 53-year-old Hong Kong national for his involvement in the manufacturing of the drug.
Following the arrest, the joint agency team continued investigations, which led to a search warrant being carried out at a home in Lakemba last week, where they uncovered information leading to a property in Beverly Hills.
Police then executed two search warrants at Beverly Hills properties and allegedly discovered a clandestine drug laboratory which had been used to extract methamphetamine from fabric soaked in the substance.
During the searches across last Tuesday and Wednesday, investigators allegedly located approximately 15-17kg of methamphetamine. They said a quantity of fabric soaked in a substance believed to be methamphetamine, was also located at the scene. An estimated total of 150 litres of liquid methamphetamine was recovered.
Further forensic testing will be carried out to determine the exact weight and purity of the substances.
A 51-year-old Chinese woman from Lakemba, and a 56-year-old Chinese man from Lakemba, have been charged with the state-based offence of manufacture and production of prohibited drugs, contrary to section 24 of the Drugs Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.
AFP Coordinator Organised Crime, Detective Acting Superintendent Mark Webster, said the discovery of the lab was a result of policing partnerships in action.
"There is more work to do to ensure that we make life as difficult as possible for organised crime syndicates operating in our community. We will continue this fight with our partners utilising our full suite of capabilities," he said.

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