Bid to boost Japanese garden integrity

The future of the popular and iconic Auburn Botanic Gardens is looking bright with the adoption of a Draft Masterplan to guide the site’s future direction and development.

Story appeared in: Review | July 9th, 2018

QUESTIONS over how 'authentic' the Japanese section of the Auburn Botanic Gardens actually are, will be considered during additional consultations with Japanese authorities.
It comes after the adoption of a draft Masterplan outlining future plans for the popular site which includes the addition of succulent, edible and desert gardens.
While praising the work done by staff in preparing the Masterplan, Councillor Paul Garrard successfully called for further consultation in relation to the Japanese section of the Garden to ensure the site's "integrity is maintained".
"I'm told from others that there is more a reflection of Chinese gardens than them being Japanese," he said.
"Now, quite frankly, I wouldn't know the difference.
"It's a highlight for this council to have something that is of an international flavour which is attracting international visitors to our area.
"I think we should go out of our way to ensure that the product we're providing further enhances the opportunity that we wish to offer."
However acting general manager Brooke Endycott said many ambassadors and consul generals had visited the gardens over the years and she was not aware of any official complaints on the issue.
"The gardens themselves are based on series of postcards, they are not traditional Japanese Gardens per say, they are an interpretation of traditional Japanese gardens," she said.
A survey noted that the Japanese Gardens were the most visited area followed by the Rose Garden and the Fauna Park.
Councillor Sarkis also called for a plaque which acknowledges the part played by the late Federal MP Tom Uren in establishing the Japanese Gardens to include the date it was created.

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