Nine oversized unit buildings ‘rejected’

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | July 11th, 2018

ALMOST 1,550 residential units have been rejected by Canterbury Bankstown Council with some developers told to go back to the drawing board.
A number of Canterbury Road corridor developers have been told to go back to the drawing board, after an independent review recommended the rejection of nine planning proposals.
The nine proposals, which, if approved, would have led to the construction of complexes exceeding the approved height limits along the road corridor, with an estimated 1,550 units rejected by Canterbury Bankstown Council last Tuesday.
One proposal included a plan to build a 15-storey development and the loss of employment land that can now be preserved.
The nine had been placed on hold while a review was conducted by an independent committee, into previous development in the area approved by the former Canterbury council.
Last month, the amalgamated Canterbury Bankstown Council Council introduced the committee's 14 recommendations which related to appropriate zoning, urban design and built-form controls along the corridor. The recommendations also included measures to address environmental issues including noise and pollution and traffic, transport and car parking issues.
"The council's decision has sent a clear message to developers - don't waste our time with excessive proposals that are inconsistent with our new vision for Canterbury Road," Mayor Asfour said.
"We now have principles in place which will help guide the council and state agencies in creating a more liveable environment along Canterbury Road, and make sure it is transformed into a sustainable and resilient place where people have good access to parks, community facilities, public transport and shops."
Mayor Asfour said there was more work to do, starting with applying density controls to sites along Canterbury Road to deliver better design outcomes.

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