Coffee truck owner’s brew up for homeless

Story appeared in: Review | June 25th, 2018

REGENTS Park coffee truck owner Joe Anjoul (pictured) will be giving away about 200 coffees this Saturday night in the Sydney CBD.
He will be offering hot drinks to homeless people in Martin Place in conjunction with the SWAG Family, a group which has been supporting disadvantaged people for about 20 years.
Mr Anjoul said he did something similar with the SWAG Family a couple of years ago while he was working for someone else and plans to continue doing it every month or so depending on his work schedule.
"Now that I've got my own business #Piccacino, I don't have to get permission off anyone to do this," he said.
"I've got a few friends coming down with me, some are bringing cookies and muffins, some are just bringing themselves and helping out.
"I would love people to come down and help and donate what they don't need in blankets and clothes.
"Anything to try and make a difference to the homeless."

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