Telco project causes fear

Concerned residents and parents in Berala are calling on TPG to move their proposed ‘small cell facility’ transmitters out of residential streets and further away from schools.

Story appeared in: Review | June 25th, 2018

TELECOMMUNICATIONS company TPG is facing more community backlash about its proposed mobile phone 'small cell facility' installations, this time in Berala.
Last week the Review reported on concerns raised about Lidcombe installations, but TPG contractors have also allegedly been carrying out work on power poles in Berala ahead of the end of their own specified consultation period.
The site at 1 Jenkins Street, is close to both the Trinity Catholic College and the St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School, as well as the Kidz on Regents Childcare.
Resident Juliet McDonald said concerned parents had already sent TPG a 96-signature petition asking them to move the facilities and urged other residents to contact them as well.
Mother of four, Rebecca Adams who also works from home, says she is worried the impact of being exposed to microwave/radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted continuously from the base station, "24/7 without rest".
"If the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) recommends a 500m clearance from any school, then it makes me angry that TPG is even considering one so close to two schools and a childcare centre," she said.
Last week Cumberland Council acting general manager Brendan Govers wrote to TPG expressing "significant concerns" about the proximity of five mobile infrastructure facilities near schools in both Auburn and Lidcombe, and questioned why work was underway during the consultation period.
A TPG spokesperson said they complied with all regulatory requirements.
"Work relating to the extension of TPG's underground fibre network is in progress, however this work does not jeopardise or prejudice the outcome of any community consultation and council notification processes," he said.

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