Catholic cemetery celebrating 150th

A beautifully illustrated book on the history of Rookwood is now available.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 21st, 2018

CATHOLIC Rookwood Cemetery is a place of historical significance, unique to the character of Sydney, reflecting the huge social and cultural changes in Australia since its establishment in 1867.
Rookwood Necropolis is the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere and remains the world's largest operating cemetery from the Victorian era.
Over one million individuals are buried at Rookwood, making it a rich source for genealogical and historical information.
The stories of some of the people that rest at Rookwood are extraordinary from destitute graves, soldiers, outlaws through to government officials.
One of the first significant buildings erected at Rookwood was St Michael the Archangel Chapel - a stunning Gothic revival style chapel built from Pyrmont sandstone in 1890.
Last year Catholic Cemeteries launched a beautifully illustrated book on the history of Rookwood.
Author Wendy Lewis said: "Rookwood has been a part of the lives of millions of Australians and we have been able to tell the remarkable stories of some of those people.
"We've also been able to share the history of how Rookwood Catholic Cemetery came about and has expanded to support the community of Sydney for such a long time."
For enquires, call 9649 6423.

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