Win over racecourse high-rise bid

Residents say developing a parcel of Canterbury Racecourse land would add to the shortage of recreational space in the area.

Story appeared in: Torch | July 3rd, 2018

RESIDENTS are claiming victory in the first round of a battle to prevent residential apartments on parts of the Canterbury Park Racecourse precinct.
The Canterbury Racecourse Action Group was formed in response to a proposal by the Australian Turf Club (ATC), in partnership with Mirvac, to develop residential apartments on overflow car-parking on the corner of King and Princess streets.
The ATC made an application to Canterbury Bankstown Council in 2017 to remove the property as a parking requirement for night racing.
The move, according to the action group's Matt Burke was the first step in developing the site.
Mr Burke said the area was facing a shortage of recreational space.
"It's unthinkable that Canterbury Racecourse would be given over to yet more high rise development in a suburb which has already borne more than its fair share of this," Mr Burke said.
"The current congestion along the Canterbury Road corridor – already a seemingly unsolvable problem – would implode under the burden of the creation of virtually a whole new suburb."
The ATC advertised an intention to develop the King and Princess streets site for residential apartments in 2017, sparking a community backlash.
The council confirmed that the ATC had withdrawn an application to remove the property as a parking requirement for night racing.
An ATC spokesperson said that following discussions with the council, the application was withdrawn to carry out modelling to evidence that the capacity for car parking within the racecourse, is more than sufficient to accommodate night racing needs.
"Canterbury Racecourse has more than sufficient capacity to accommodate parking for ATC's night racing events," the spokesperson said.
"There has been no application for residential development at the Canterbury site.
"The application related to unrequired parking adjacent to the racecourse.
"It is premature to speculate on the nature of any development in light of the strategic planning process being undertaken by Government."

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