‘We all have potential to make difference’

Paul and Pramila Jabez also offer a school holiday program through their iShine Church.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 21st, 2018

FOUNDING Pastors of Padstow's iShine Church six years ago, Paul and Pramila Jabez count in the hundreds the individuals, couples and families they have met since that time - not just in their church but during their travels to shopping centres, aged care centres, hospitals and local markets.
Born visionaries and passionate about helping others, it is their mission to bring people closer to God and transform communities one person at a time.
Paul said: "It was not so long ago that Sundays were reserved entirely for family and for attending church. The Sundays of old were days of introspection, learning and for honouring God.
"People had time for one another with minimal distractions in life. Today however, we find ourselves with businesses that literally never close and lifestyles unrecognisably different from the days of old but it is important to make time for God."
Paul believes that everyone has great potential to make a difference in the lives of those around them.
iShine is a kids safe and family friendly church and offers a range of free, regular programs for men, women, children and families.
All are welcome to come along and join the inspirational service every Sunday at 9.30am at Padstow North Public School, Halcyon Avenue, Padstow.
For more info, go to iShine.org.au.

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