Body video to cut crime

Auburn Police Station’s Constable Joshua Hotham points out his Body Worn Video Camera.

Story appeared in: Review | June 8th, 2018

STRAPPING on equipment including a radio, handcuffs and a gun before they head out onto the streets, Auburn police officers have now added a video camera to the list.
Recording high definition wide angle vision and high quality audio, the new Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras let officers record events and conversations with the public in operational situations, although they do not record all the time.
Footage is stored securely and it is an offence for BWV recordings to be unlawfully used, communicated or publicised.
While the Auburn Police Area Command only starting to use the cameras last week, they were first supplied to a selection of frontline officers as part of a trial in 2015, and at the time, the then acting assistant commissioner Kyle Stewart said they were a positive tool for officers in the field.
"BWV bolsters the safety of the community and our police officers, giving them the ability to collect the best evidence that is available when they are engaging with offenders or are at crime scenes," he said.
"Our trial has also shown that at times the people with whom we have been interacting have changed their behaviour, simply because they've realised they were being recorded."

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