Second pay rise in year

Story appeared in: Review | June 7th, 2018

A PAY increase for Cumberland councillors and the mayor was one of six items determined without discussion at last week's council meeting.
Councillors unanimously adopted a 2.5 per cent increase in their own fees as recommended by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal.
Each year the Tribunal issues a minimum and maximum range of fees payable to elected councillors, which they are then permitted to determine themselves.
For a 'large metropolitan council' such as Cumberland, the fee set down this year was between $17,980 and $29,670 for councillors, and between $38,200 and $86,440 as an additional fee for sitting mayors.
This year's pay bump means as of July 1, Cumberland's 15 will each receive the maximum fee allowable of $29,670 per year, up from $28,950, while Mayor Greg Cummings will get $86,440, up from $84,330.
It will be the second pay rise for councillors this financial year, as they also voted to bump up their pay in November.
That move overrode the decision of Administrator Viv May following the council mergers in 2016, to set renumeration levels below the tribunal's maximum recommendation for councillors at $23,740 per annum, with the mayor to receive $66,660.

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