Colourful character captivates

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | May 30th, 2018

TRINITY Grammar School's Arthur Holt Library has found a unique way to engage boys and their parents by giving them the opportunity to meet celebrated authors, discuss books and enjoy breakfast all before the working day begins.
Books@Breakfast aims to promote boys' literacy, inspire lifelong learning and help parents to model good reading habits.
This week, as part of the Trinity Arts Festival, the record audience of 180 was captivated by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki who spoke enthusiastically about everything from global warming, IQ and war planes … to crime, coffee and politics.
Renowned for creatively explaining complex science in a way that listeners understand and find interesting, Dr Karl's career history includes stints as a physicist, labourer, roadie, car mechanic, film-maker, hospital scientific officer, biomedical engineer, TV weatherman and medical doctor. He has not one, but four degrees (Physics, Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, and Medicine). With a penchant for loud shirts, Dr Karl has used television, radio, podcasts and more than 40 books to share his vast knowledge and to make science 'cool.'
Jumping from one seemingly disparate topic to another, Dr Karl kept Trinity boys and their parents captivated as he weaved the topics together explaining some complex themes.
Dr Karl impressed on the boys that it doesn't matter how intelligent (or not) they are; what matters is that they seek out information and read as much as they can. In his words, "Reading is a high-speed way of learning stuff."
Trinity Head Master, Tim Bowden said: "We were delighted to have Dr Karl with us. His presentation combined the creativity in manner and style that have been the hallmarks of his public presence for years, which make his deep and broad knowledge of science accessible and interesting to a wide range of people. To have him present at our Books@Breakfast event during our Trinity Arts Festival brought together the threads of creativity, science and literacy."

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