Awarded plaque to honour putting soul into suburb for over 43 years

Inner West Deputy Mayor Julie Passas congratulates Arthur Gerakas and his son Jim.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | May 30th, 2018

EMBEDDING a plaque into the footpath seems like a perfect way to recognise a business that has helped keep people's footwear in good repair for more than 43 years.
On Friday, Inner West Council Deputy Mayor Julie Passas officially unveiled a 'recognition of business service' on the doorstep of the Speedy Shoe Repairs store in Ashfield.
"It's nice to recognise these businesses and shops that have been around for so many years," Cr Passas said.
Arthur Gerakas took over the shoe repair business in 1976, before handing the reins to his son Jim after being diagnosed with cancer in 1997.
Jim says that while his 86-year-old father is now retired, he has always been a problem solver and still enjoys talking to customers.
"He still comes out and helps out practically every day," he said.
Pleased and honoured by the council's decision to install the plaque, Jim says they've already had several regular customers voice their approval for the move as well.
"It was a nice bit of recognition, especially for my father since he has been here for so long," he said.
"For a business to survive for so long is quite a big achievement. No doubt we have to thank our customers, both those who keep coming back and the new ones.
"Today, it's a more of a disposable society and many people think that things can't be fixed.
"I say to people if you're not sure, bring it to me and I'll tell you if you have to chuck it. Ninety per cent of the time we can fix it."

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