Ambulance officer assault arrest

Story appeared in: Torch | June 5th, 2018

A GREENACRE man will face Bankstown Court in July after threatening an ambulance officer.
The 63-year-old man was charged with two counts of obstructing an ambulance officer by an act of violence on Monday, May 21.
Ambulance officers arrived at the Mimosa Road address about 11.10am, remaining in their vehicle to wait for police to arrive after receiving information that it was unsafe to enter the premises.
While waiting, an ambulance officer was allegedly grabbed by the arm, with a 63-year-old man attempting to drag the paramedic towards his house. A police spokesperson said the man also allegedly threatened to kill the officer if they didn't enter the house.
After police arrived the woman patient, who initially required assistance, refused treatment.
A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance, while unable to comment directly on the Greenacre incident, said instances of physical violence are reported to police for investigation and if appropriate, prosecution.
"It is unacceptable that staff rendering emergency medical assistance should be subject to physical and/or verbal abuse, while attempting to provide clinical advice or care," the spokesperson said.
There were 60 incidents of alleged assaults on paramedics reported to police during January and April this year.

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