Syrian ice cream on offer

Bakdash’s Tarek Baleka ready to serve a warming cup of traditional Sahlab.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 29th, 2018

BANKSTOWN'S new Bakdash Ice Cream parlour is a long way from its namesake in Damascus but the same age-old methods are used to produce this world famous Syrian delicacy.
Owner Fares Talawi said the original Bakdash (established in 1885) in Al-Hamidiyah Souq in the old city of Damascus, is still a popular tourist attraction over a century and a quarter later.
And now you too can taste traditional Syrian ice cream in a variety of flavours at Bankstown Central.
"Our ice cream is made fresh daily and pounded with mastic and sahlab to create the authentic flavour and texture of Bakdash," Mr Talawi said.
"It is then rolled over and over in a pistachio mix until fully coated - the result is a unique and delicious taste like no other."
While the ice cream boasts historic origins, Bakdash has embraced the 21st century when it comes to displaying its produce.
The metre wide flying saucer inspired freezer is one of only three imported into Australia.
And for a warming Syrian cuppa on these chilly mornings, Bakdash also offers the deliciously sweetened drink Sahleb, made fresh daily in a traditional Syrian Sahlab-maker which takes pride of place on the front counter.

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