Ticket opens door to family’s new life

A Roselands man has scratched himself $2500 every week for five years.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 29th, 2018

A ROSELANDS man's tradition of giving his mum Instant Scratch-Its tickets for Mother's Day, even after her passing, has led him to reveal one of the top prizes of $2,500 a week for five years on a $10 Live the Life Instant Scratch-Its ticket.
He said: "I've always bought scratchies for my mum on Mother's Day, even after she's passed.
"I'd buy scratchies for her and leave them on her grave."
"That's what I did for Mother's Day.
"I bought some scratchies and I always scratch them before putting them down.
"This one I scratched at the shop."
The thrilled man bought the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket at Roselands Discount Drugstore.
Speaking to a NSW Lotteries official, the winner explained how his instant win came to be.
"I'm still in shock," he said.
"The first ticket they gave me won $10.
"At the outlet they said 'maybe she'll be lucky again' and so they opened up a new Live the Life ticket book and the first ticket off the book was this one.
"I had wobbly legs and I couldn't breathe.
"I'd never heard of anyone winning and never imagined in my life I would.
"You've got to be in it to win it as they say.
"I haven't slept since then. I hid the winning ticket away - even from my wife - until I could claim the prize."
The man said he planned to use the prize, delivered in weekly instalments over five years, to honour the memory of his cherished mum.
"I'd like to buy a holiday home and let this money pay it off," he said.
"It will be a family home in remembrance of mum where the whole family can have somewhere they can use."
Roselands Discount Drugstore staff member Rochelle Mashalany said the outlet had been celebrating selling its first top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its.
"It was a great surprise! It's good to change someone's life like that," she said.
"Hopefully it's the first of many top prize Instant Scratch-Its we'll sell to our customers."

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