Truck blitz reveals drivers on drugs, defects

Story appeared in: Torch | May 22nd, 2018

A DRIVER has tested positive to 'ice' during a major truck inspection operation at Roselands last Thursday.
Operation Catapult, jointly conducted by NSW Police, Roads Maritime Services and the Environmental Protection Authority, began at 6am when police corralled almost 100 heavy vehicles into a King Georges Road car park opposite Roselands shopping centre.
A NSW Police spokesperson said 98 trucks were inspected during the operation, with 49 drivers tested for drugs and alcohol. A 49-year-old truck driver tested positive to methamphetamine, while a 43-year-old man returned a positive cannabis reading.
The Environmental Protection Authority was also on site testing for contamination among the loads, many of which were shifting spoil from WestConnex worksites on the M5.
A number of defects were issued to truck drivers, including for brakes, oil and fuel leaks, and bald tyres. Drivers were also issued infringements notices for having overloaded trucks.
Traffic and Highway Patrol chief inspector Phil Brooks told media after the crackdown, that 92 people had lost their lives in heavy vehicle crashes in NSW last year.
Insp Brookes said haulage companies who employed drivers or subcontracted their work, were also on notice. He said the companies had significant responsibility to make sure their drivers were fit and able to drive trucks.

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