Dress up in orange day for support

State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from Auburn are urging schools, businesses, workplaces and individuals to wear something orange tomorrow to show their support for the annual WOW Day.

Story appeared in: Review | May 21st, 2018

WEAR Orange Wednesday (WOW) on May 23 is a chance to recognise the dedication of more than 9,000 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers including those from the Auburn and Holroyd units.
Auburn SES local controller Kathy Garancsi says the focus of WOW Day is to encourage the community to show their support in a very simple but highly visible gesture by wearing the colour orange.
"This is the colour worn by SES volunteers," she said.
Whether it's tarping roofs, rescuing people and animals from floods, attending serious road accidents, or searching for missing people, Ms Garancsi says not an hour goes by in NSW where an SES volunteer somewhere is not helping someone.
"All SES volunteers devote a considerable amount of time to skills development and training to ensure they are capable to effectively carry out the diverse range of tasks that come with being part of a dynamic and trusted volunteer emergency service," she said.
"On WOW Day, the simple concept of wearing orange will show your support of our SES volunteers and will show that they are valued by the communities they support and keep safe."

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