Walk Safely to School day fun

Granville South Public School students Aya, Kbadija and Mhamed walk to school with Mum Thouraya on National Walk Safety to School Day on Friday.

Story appeared in: Review | May 21st, 2018

PUTTING their best foot forward students at Granville South Public School were among the hundreds around the country taking part in this year's National Walk Safely To School Day on Friday.
Principal Karen Macphail says the event encourages primary school aged children to walk and commute safely to school and is an opportunity for parents and carers to promote safe pedestrian behaviour.
"It informs parents and carers that they need to closely supervise their young children, particularly those under 10 years of age, in all road environments, holding hands when near or crossing the road," she said.
"Walk Safely to School Day also promotes and informs parents, carers, teachers and children of the significant physical, mental and social health benefits which can be achieved through regular walking."

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