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Story appeared in: Torch | May 16th, 2018

CANTERBURY Bankstown Council has claimed victory over the NSW Government proposal, aimed at further fast-tracking housing development.
Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts has put the brakes on introducing the new Medium Density Housing Code in Canterbury Bankstown, following a meeting with Mayor Khal Asfour.
"It would have been disastrous for our suburbs, which have R2 residential zonings, where there's low density housing," Mayor Asfour said.
Currently, medium density housing, such as villas and townhouses, can only be considered in appropriate zonings, where a block of land is at least 1,200sqm. It is also assessed and decided on by Council, applying rules and conditions under the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).
Under the Government's proposed changes, blocks only need to be half that – 600sqm – the size of a standard lot, and the property owner could use a Private Certifier to avoid Council assessing the application.
"I'm happy and relieved sanity prevailed in the end and the Minister ended such madness," Mayor Asfour said. 
Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts said he agreed to place a temporary pause on implementation of the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code for the Canterbury-Bankstown LGA.
Minister Roberts said the deferment would give the Council time to amend the LEP in response to a new endorsed Housing Strategy.
"The pause has come about so that Canterbury Bankstown has extra time to get the strategic planning for medium-density in its LEP up to date, as many other metropolitan councils have already done. This will ensure their LEPs align with the timely delivery of infrastructure."
The NSW Government recently gave Canterbury Bankstown Council $2.5 million to undertake an accelerated review of its LEP to align with the priorities of the Greater Sydney Commission's new District Plans.

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