School needs land, not tower

The Campsie Public School community is calling for a council car park not to be developed, to relieve cramped conditions at the school.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | May 16th, 2018

A GROUP of Campsie parents are fighting an uphill battle to stop a residential and retail tower on a public car park they say should be acquired for additional space at their adjoining school already bursting at the seams.
The property at the corner of South Parade and Beamish Lane, adjoining Campsie Public School, is the subject of legal action after the former Canterbury council approved the potential sale of the land in 2015 for a retail and residential development.
The developer has now taken Canterbury Bankstown Council to the Land and Environment Court, appealing a decision to reject its proposal for the site.
Parents are calling for the car park to be retained as public space, so it can be acquired by the NSW Department of Education to expand their cramped school.
Campsie Public is ranked the fourth most crowded school in the state, with 780 students.
Parents' spokesperson Beatriz Occhiuzzi said the car park could provide breathing space for the school.
"Definitely, that land would be far better utilised by the school for our children's and community's health, well-being and prosperity," Mrs Occhiuzzi said.
"The sale of the car park to a private developer should be declared void and the land returned to the council."
Mrs Occhiuzzi says parents are calling on Canterbury Bankstown Council to support the fight and take further legal action against plans to develop this land.
A council spokesperson said rejecting the DA should have effectively ended the sale process instigated by the old Canterbury Council, but the developer has taken legal action, with the court now to decide the outcome.

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