Funding cut will force families on to streets

The team at the House of Welcome are asking the community to help them keep asylum seeker families safe and fed as well as helping adults into employment.

Story appeared in: Review | May 14th, 2018

THE Granville based House of Welcome (HoW) says cuts to a Federal Government support scheme for asylum seekers from June 4 could lead to families being made homeless this winter.
St Francis Social Services CEO Lyn Harrison says the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) plans to remove case work, trauma counselling and financial assistance from over 7,000 people who are waiting on a government response to their request for protection.
Appealing to the community to hear the human story, Ms Harrison asked people to consider donating or becoming involved with the House of Welcome to assist them to provide shelter, emergency food parcels, case work and financial assistance.
She said her team hold grave concerns people are being left without any form of income, adding that the Government was systematically removing people from eligibility for support and shifting responsibility for their care onto the community.
"The changes are harsh, ill-conceived and unjust," she said.
"This Federal Government decision will force people into homelessness in Sydney this winter. Service providers just don't have the resources to meet even the most basic needs of the sheer numbers of people affected."
However a spokesperson for DHA said the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) was "not a social welfare program".
The spokesperson said it is designed to provide support "for certain non-citizens who are in the Australian community temporarily while their immigration status is being determined", and those on a bridging visa with work rights, and who have the capacity to work, are expected to support themselves.
To make a donation or assist the House of Welcome, call 9727 9290 or visit

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