Picnic in Socks fundraiser to help reach $80,000 target for Banks House upgrades

Louis Shortus, Phillip Shortus, Ethel Daniels, Casimir Llber, Bridget Brunero and Ruben Mateluan preparing for Picnic in Your Socks - a fundraiser for Banks House at Bankstown Hospital.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 22nd, 2018

BANKS House at Bankstown Hospital, is well over-due for a facelift.
The mental health unit has been mostly untouched since it was built in 1978, and the team at Beautiful Minds thinks its about time that changed.
Beautiful Minds Bankstown is a group of volunteers passionate about supporting, advocating and raising awareness for mental health recovery and are committed to breaking down stigma and promoting community involvement.
President Kathryn Bain says Beautiful Minds Bankstown is on a fundraising drive to upgrade and equip Banks House.
"So far Beautiful Minds Bankstown has been able to upgrade the recreation room, giving it a table tennis table, lounge seats, a rainforest mural, magazine and hard wired speaker system for music," Mrs Bain said.
"When complete in August, it will consist of a television viewing area, a library, and an area to learn life skills."
Beautiful Minds are now working to refurbishment an outdoor courtyard, providing patients, their family and friends with a relaxing space to gather and feel at ease.
"It will also give the staff an area to run more outdoor workshops, as well as give patients a place to go and hang out with each other, and a place they can be alone if needed."
A fundraising day, Picnic in Your Socks, will help raise the $80,000 to complete the project, which will be held at Padstow Bowling Club this Sunday, May 27.
The day will include free barefoot lawn bowls and tuition, live music, sausage sizzle, and a creative doodling area from 11am to 3pm.
For further information on the project and the fundraiser, call Mrs Bain on 0424842006.

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