Free trees boost wildlife corridor

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Story appeared in: Review | May 14th, 2018

RESIDENTS are being encouraged to go native with up to 600 young plants to be given away at the Auburn Botanic Gardens Open Day on Sunday, May 27, 11am-4pm.
Helping to create a green canopy, Cumberland residents can collect a young native trees or shrub including Snake Vine (Hibbertia Scandens), Coffee Bush (Breynia Oblongfolia) and Thyme Honey-myrtle (Melaleuca Thymifolia).
Cumberland's Parks and Recreation team will also be on hand for part of the day to assist visitors with enquiries and provide basic plant care advice with each seedling.
Mayor Greg Cummings said those who receive a young tree on the day can also enter a post-event photo competition for a chance to win a $100 Bunnings voucher.
"We want people to show us how they are helping to strengthen Cumberland's green environment by posting a photo of their tree once it has been planted in its new home," he said.
"Adding a tree to your garden can help improve the wildlife corridor across Sydney and NSW.
"It can also be incredibly satisfying to see a plant you have nurtured grow and attract wildlife to your garden."
For more information about the Botanic Gardens Open Day, visit

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