Residents say down the tools

Residents of Eva Street, Roselands, have had enough of Sydney Tools which has been operating without approval.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 15th, 2018

THE continual beeping from forklifts and trucks reversing, the filling and emptying of shipping containers, and heavy vehicles ignoring the three tonne limit on surrounding streets, have been a daily endurance for residents of Eva Street, Roselands, since Sydney Tools opened its warehouse and distribution centre five years ago.
Robyn Oxford says what makes residents even more annoyed is that the factory is operating without a development approval (DA). She says that not only has traffic become unbearable, the area has become unsafe.
"The large trucks illegally proceed through the traffic calming on a regular basis. The signs have now been removed, or are laying on the road, as a result of being damaged by trucks," Ms Oxford said.
Furthermore, Ms Oxford said truck drivers were knocking on the doors of residents, seeking them to move their cars off the street, so they can manoeuvre in and out of the site.
"It really is, just plain wrong," she said.
Sydney Tools was refused a change of use DA from warehousing and distribution of video cassettes, to tools, hardware and building supplies in July 2017. Sydney Tools challenged that decision in December, and was again refused. Despite this, Sydney Tools has continued to use the site for the distribution and warehousing of hardware and building supplies. Sydney Tools also have a DA pending for a change of use from a pharmaceutical warehouse to distribution centre and warehouse for another part of the site.
Canterbury Bankstown Council has confirmed Sydney Tools is operating without approval.
"We have taken action against Sydney Tools on a number of occasions, including the issuing of fines, for operating outside the conditions of its DA approval," a spokesperson said.
"As the company continues to ignore its responsibilities, we have been left with no option but to launch legal action, with the Land and Environment Court listing the matter for a July hearing."
The Torch has contacted Sydney Tools for comment.

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