Fashion way to be heard

Ginan 'G' Tabbouch is preparing to launch her fashion label during Fashion Week next week. Photo: Hareth Tayem.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 8th, 2018

BANKSTOWN fashion designer Ginan 'G' Tabbouch is getting ready to launch her fashion label at Australian Fashion Week next week.
Unisex street wear is the focus of her namesake brand, GTAB, and the new Resort 2019 Collection 'S8 OUTA BNX' is designed and made locally, while taking its inspiration from the the rapper movement of the 1970s.
"That was such an amazing time for music, for the youth movement, and people were energised and politically aware too," she said.
"I like to tell my stories, through my music and fashion, about the world I see around me."
Ginan grew up in Bankstown with Syrian and Brazilian parents and she is passionate about voicing stories of the youth from the area, and her collection is a commentary on the issues that face them - domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling and racism.
"I am proud to represent the youth of the west, to create a platform to allow them to be heard," she said.
Ginan is a 'triple threat' with fashion, music and film studies already under her belt.
As well as her fashion label, Ginan will also be launching her debut rap single at Fashion Week.
"Fashion and music collide and interchange in my world - there's a synergy there," she said.
"I tell my stories through rapping and through designing. In music the beat is up but the lyrics can pack a punch. It's the same in my fashion designs - the colours draw you in but look closely and you can see my message."

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