Take vow for a fatality free day

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | May 16th, 2018

ROAD users are being urged to make a promise to themselves, their family and friends, to consciously drive safely and obey road rules for Fatality Free Friday on Friday, May 25.
An initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, NSW Police have united alongside safety advocates, imploring road users to take the 'Fatality Free Friday' pledge in support of Australia's largest road safety initiative.
Last year, 1,227 lives were lost to road trauma nationally, including 392 people who died on NSW roads.
Commander of the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol, assistant commissioner Michael Corboy, said the impact of a road fatality was enormous.
"The number of people directly and indirectly affected is astounding," he said.
"Consider the impact of the loss of 1,227 lives on Australian roads has had on those people's family and friends, work colleagues, first responders, medical and rehabilitation professionals and passers-by who stop to assist.
"If everyone changes one bad behaviour on or around our roads, the difference could be life-changing."
Road users are able to make their road safety pledge at fatalityfreefriday.com.

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