Bathroom named Australia’s best

Merrylands RSL has won Australia’s Best Bathroom competition.

Story appeared in: Review | May 3rd, 2018

RSLs aren't typically known for their elegance or class but the Merrylands RSL Club has now changed all that, with their fancy loos named last week as winner of Australia's 2018 Best Bathrooms Competition.
Flushed out by competition organiser Total Facilities, Merrylands RSL bathrooms have been designed with attention to space, luxury and functionality for patrons and staff, and are a part of a $25m club refurbishment plan.
Already a hit with their 78,000 members, the bathrooms feature streamlined amenities with metallic bronze feature tiles and private cubicles with individual basins and accessories, including a make-up bench, handbag holder and mobile phone shelf.
There's also custom made mirrors, designer lighting, and full height, self-closing timber veneer cubicle partitions, a rare treat not often experienced in an RSL or elsewhere.
Club Operations Manager Chris Debrincat says it was a pleasant surprise to win the competition and members were flocking in to check out Australia's best bathroom.
"We are proud of our efforts and of the brief we gave to the architects," he said.
"The cubicles are luxurious and big enough to fit five or six adults; the feedback we've received has been very positive."

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