Belmore parents returned to classroom

Story appeared in: Torch | May 15th, 2018

AS NSW students prepare to sit for NAPLAN, the debate continues over the relevance of the annual reading, writing and numeracy tests.
Catholic Schools NSW, while saying it strongly supports its continuation, has called for changes in the way of NAPLAN data is reported on, to prevent it becoming a marketing tool that divides schools into 'red' or 'green' columns.
Catholic Schools NSW CEO Dallas McInerney said the debate around NAPLAN's future involves two separate issues - the test itself and the way the resulting data is used.
"NAPLAN has a critical continuing role to play in improving literacy and numeracy, which are the foundations of a person's ability to learn and to participate in society," Mr McInerney said.
Meanwhile parents of Belmore North Public School students returned to the classroom (pictured) to study and learn how to help their children in the Naplan tests.
Teacher, Effat Shehata presented the workshop to show easy and smooth strategies for parents to pass onto their children when they undertake the Naplan tests.
"Parents who attended the workshop appreciated the school effort to provide them with this opportunity," he said.
Mr Shehata said the two hour workshops were so well received that parents have asked for more, as they are eager to learn further on how they can help their children.

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