Pipehead naming for historical links

Cr Glenn Elmore joined residents in welcoming the naming of a new road as 'Pipehead Crescent'.

Story appeared in: Review | April 11th, 2018

SEVEN months after it was originally proposed, a new road within the new Guildford West subdivision near the corner of Parks and Palmer streets, will be named 'Pipehead Crescent'.
Objections were raised by a some councillors concerned over the proposed name having "drug related connotations", and it was referred to Cumberland's Heritage Committee (CHC) for their advice as well as being put on public exhibition.
Other names considered included Pipeline Crescent, Gallon Crescent, and Cottage Crescent.
However three public submissions on the proposed name supported the original choice, with one a long-time resident noting that the sub-division "has always been known as pipehead", before adding that "the morons who associate this with drugs must have an IQ of less than 10".
Also recommending the Pipehead Crescent option unanimously at their meeting last month, the CHC recognised the "strong case" based on the historical connection of the subject lot.
Councillor Glenn Elmore also agreed that the name reflected the history of the area and said the decision had taken "far too long".
"Pipehead was where the aqueduct and the pipes met. It had a purification site there," he said.
"This name was obvious."
Interpretive signage will also be installed with information about the background of the name.

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