Stricter Riverlands control vote

Story appeared in: Torch | April 10th, 2018

AN attempt by the Greens to push for the NSW Government to acquire the former Riverlands Golf Course for parkland, has been thwarted by Labor at the last meeting of Canterbury Bankstown Council.
Greens councillor Linda Eisler attempted to move a resolution for the council to write to State MP Glenn Brookes and Federal MP for Banks, David Coleman, asking the Government to acquire the 82ha site.
In 2016, the NSW Government rejected the council's application to rezone the Milperra golf course from open space to E3 Environment Protection, instead rezoning it as 'residential'. As a result a proposal is under consideration for 240 housing lots on the site.
Cr Eisler's resolution to acquire the site for parkland was successfully amended when Labor's Cr Linda Downey instead asked for Mr Brookes and Mr Coleman to support improved protection for the site by rezoning it from residential to E3 Environment Protection. That would allow housing to proceed, but provide stricter environmental safeguards.
"I am pleased that a motion recognising the importance of the Riverlands' natural environment was recognised," Cr Eisler said.
"However, I am disappointed it did not go further."
Cr Downey said asking the Government to acquire the site was doomed to failure.
"Given that the State Government is selling everything that is not nailed down, a motion to purchase the site would mean they would just continue to ignore the matter," she said.
Mr Brookes said that while the council did not have the ability to rescind the 2016 plan by way of a resolution, it could prepare and adopt a planning proposal seeking to alter the zoning, which it had not done.
"Any proposal submitted by the council will be assessed on its merits by the NSW Planning Department and full consideration will be given to all the planning issues," he said.

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