Girl gets chop for second time to help sick

Anne Parish shows her daughter Jasmine how much of her long locks are set to disappear when she cuts her hair to help out two charities. Photo: RADIM CECHVALA

Story appeared in: Review | March 29th, 2018

A RADICAL haircut for seven-year-old Jasmine Parish later this month will help out not one but two charities.
The Year 3 student from Regents Park will cut off 35 centimetres of hair and donate it to Variety's Hair with Heart program which helps children with cancer, alopecia and other childhood illnesses.
However her mum Anne says in the lead up to the hair chop, she has also been busy raising money for the Cancer Council through a Do It For Cancer fundraiser.
"We set up a Facebook page at the weekend and we've already raised more than $700," Anne said.
"Her goal is $1,000, but she'd be really happy if she could raise more."
Anne said it was the second time her daughter had lost her long locks for charity.
"She cut off her hair and donated it when she was in kindergarten as well," she said.
"A friend's daughter had done it and when I told Jasmine about it she was really keen to do her part to help sick children.
"We've also had close family members who have had cancer.
"Jasmine turns eight on April 5 and her birthday party is on April 14.
"The week after that is when she will cut her hair off."
Donations can be made at

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