Shares journey in his ‘canvas of life’

Artists Ghasan Saaid (Twist) and Mohammed Alanezi (State of Emotion) with some of their works on exhibition at the Peacock Gallery.

Story appeared in: Review | March 29th, 2018

ART works featuring a twist on a world view and exploring emotion, are part of two new exhibitions launched at the Auburn Peacock Gallery last week.
Works in 'Twist', allow visitors to see the world from another point of view as artist Ghasan Saaid questions logic and exposes them to issues such as ignorance, global equality, waste and the exploitation of the text.
In State of Emotion, a joint enterprise from Norta Barchin and Mohammed Alanezi, the works explore the breadth of human emotional experiences within a particular time and space.
Mr Alanezi says the instinct of survival is a force which urges human beings to "keep fighting, to keep going, to take it step by step and day by day".
"When a person leaves their home, undergoes a tumultuous journey and is then confined like a criminal, their world is animated, silent and colourless. It is like an old black and white film.," he said.
"Then one day, like a miracle or drop of rain, a drop of colour comes into a person's life.
"On another day, another drop of colour and another until splashes of colour permeate the new arrival's canvas of life.
"I tried to depict the slow motion of this hope that I experienced as an asylum seeker. I wanted to show that regardless of the challenges, the colour does eventually permeate the new life."
The free exhibition can be viewed from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm, until April 29.
Details: 9735 1396 or 8745 9794, or visit

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