Mind blowing win

Story appeared in: Torch | March 23rd, 2018

A RETIRED man from Roselands has admitted his mind has been happily blown by this morning's discovery he is $100,000 richer from the latest Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw.
The man's entry won the $100,000 1st Prize in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10218, drawn on Thursday, March 22.
The winner plans to share his Lucky Lotteries windfall with his children.
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry of four consecutive numbers online at thelott.com – Australia's official online lotteries.
Speaking to a NSW Lotteries official this morning to confirm his win, the delighted man admitted his win was "pretty hard to believe".
"It's actually quite amazing," he chuckled.
"You never expect to win anything really I suppose. You kind of go in them and hope, and certainly to win a major prize is mind blowing.
"It's almost unreal in a sense. You're looking at it and it's saying you've won and you blink your eyes several times and look again. Then I looked online just to make sure it was legit. I was trying to confirm it in as many ways possible.
"It's so very exciting. It's the biggest thing I've ever won!"
The regular Lucky Lotteries player shared his philosophical approach to playing the game.
"I always think personally how if you're lucky enough to win the lottery to actually be born – which is almost astronomical, beyond belief – then you can win almost anything. You've just got to have a ticket in it," he laughed.
The winner plans to share his windfall with his children.
"There's plenty of things the money can go towards. It will be extremely helpful," he said.

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