Emergency services put to test

Story appeared in: Review | March 21st, 2018

DOZENS of ambulances and other emergency vehicles along with about 170 first responders were at ANZ Stadium this morning but it was all part of a major training exercise.
Nearly 200 university students, some made up with serious 'injuries' were also on site to act as 'casualties' for the training exercise, code-named Exercise Electo.
NSW Ambulance deputy commissioner David Dutton said the activity was "designed to test, evaluate and hone our emergency response in the event of a mass casualty incident at a major public venue".
"Emergency response exercises are a great way to ensure our emergency response capabilities are flexible and robust, and that we are continuing to provide the best possible service and level of care to the community," he said.
"Paramedics rarely work in isolation at an emergency scene, and today we will be practising our response with a range of participants from across government and the private sector."

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