How to ‘connect’ with world again

Get your ears tested and stay connected.

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 21st, 2018

UNTREATED hearing loss doesn't simply affect the sufferer - it can also impact on their family and friends, says Connect Hearing Revesby senior audiologist Michelle Lewis.
"People with hearing loss often feel isolated and frustrated, and it's not uncommon for their partners to echo these feelings," she said.
"This situation is exacerbated if the partner who is hard of hearing begins to lose confidence and withdraws from others. When communication breaks down, small annoyances and frustrations can build up over time and create bigger problems."
Miss Lewis said leaving hearing loss untreated also increased the risk of a dependency developing in the relationship, where the hearing partner is relied upon for tasks and communication and frustration builds.
"The children and grandchildren of people with hearing loss can also feel frustrated by their loved one's untreated condition, and they might find it hard to stay in touch with them," she said.
"Socialising in groups can also be overwhelming and isolating for people who are hard of hearing, and even talking one-on-one with friends can be hard."
However Miss Lewis says hearing aids can make your life a lot easier, and she urged anyone living with untreated hearing loss, not to wait to seek help.
For more information, call Connect Hearing Revesby on 9394 8475.

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