Diamond day for war teens

Jim and Jane Borowy were married in an old army barracks, converted into a Catholic Church, in Georges Hall in 1958.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 21st, 2018

IT seemed appropriate that Jim and Jane Borowy were married in an old army barracks.
World War II brought them to Australia, two months apart on the same ship, as immigrants to Sydney.
After spending two winters in a German work camp, after the war Jim's Russian family was given the opportunity to immigrate to either France or Australia.
"My step father and mother chose Australia, and we arrived in January 1950," Jim said.
Two months later, his future wife, from Poland, also arrived in Australia, and they met in a migrant camp in Cowra in western NSW.
Jim, 14 and Jane, 10, became friends from that time.
By the end of the year, Jim's family had settled in a temporary house with other immigrant families, including Jane's, in Georges Hall.
By the time Jim was 22, and Jane, 18, they were dating, and on March 15, 1958, they married in Georges Hall Catholic Church - a converted army barracks - located in today's Kentucky Park.
After their marriage, the pair went on to build their own home in Endeavour Street, where they continue to live today after bringing up four sons.
Jim and Jane celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a delivered Chinese meal and a glass of wine, along with family in the home they built together 57 years ago.
"I stopped drinking scotch whiskey when I was 50," the 83-year-old said.
And when asked his secret to a lasting marriage?
"I think you should ask Cooky; that's what I call my wife," Jim said.
Jane says there is no great secret to a long partnership. The answer's simple.
"We just work together on everything," she said.

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