Ageing strategy plan gets results

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 21st, 2018

MORE innovative and evidence based projects aimed at improving the lives of older NSW residents, are set to be implemented over the next two years.
Minister for Ageing Tanya Davies has released the Year One Progress Report and the Year Two Action Plan for the NSW Ageing Strategy 2016-2020 which sets out five priority areas for older residents - health and wellbeing, working and retiring, housing choices, getting around, and inclusive communities.
Mrs Davies released both documents at the official opening of the 2018 Art of Ageing photographic exhibition at Parliament House which features 30 images taken by five photographers.
The exhibition, which is now set to tour the state, is one of 55 projects outlined in the Two Year Action Plan and will be expanded to 100 photographs aimed at combating negative perceptions of ageing and older people.
"Misconceptions about the lives of older people are prevalent in our community but the experience of ageing is unique," Mrs Davies said.
"Many older people are artists, athletes, business owners, farmers and volunteers, and this exhibition challenges people's perceptions."
She said since the Strategy was introduced in 2016, "real progress" had been made.
Achievements outlined in the Strategy's first year include 4,600 seniors completing the Stepping On program to reduce their risk of falls, and around 20,000 seniors improving their technology skills through the Tech Savvy Seniors program.
"The NSW Government has built strong partnerships with businesses and organisations that foster inclusion and support older people to lead happy, healthy lives, and the Year Two Action Plan will help us to continue this work," Mrs Davies said.
Targets laid out in the Plan include an expansion of the modified sports program, Getting Active, developing strategies to recruit older workers into part-time work within the NSW public service, and the release of the Older Persons Transport and Mobility Plan.

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